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i LOVE you and i'll fucking KILL you

生死 ✖ ѕеιѕнι
12 February 1990
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necropsy and lip gloss
I kept this as the last .l i v i n g. reminder of you.
→ but who’s to say there aren’t plenty of .d e a d. ones?

stars and shimmer ☆
People always speak of how the pulchritude of life is faced with closed eyes.
→ i speak of the tears blinding you in the image of death.

onyx and blush ~
I am a writer—self-taught, trained, and bred.

Some people are born with a gift. Others yearn for it; are green with envy. Then there are those who know how hard they must work to attain the unattainable.

This is merely another chapter in my journey.

me . us . them